Graduate School Grants

While costs for going to schools continue to surge upwards, education grants provide you an opportunity to pay for your education without worrying about repayments. Federal government, local institutions and private organizations provide education grants. These grants offer the students with the sum they require for going to school and building a platform for higher education.

Even though there are many types of grants on offer for the students, what makes school education grants from government unique is that they do not come to a recipient as a loan. This means that student do not require a credit score, cosigner or a down payment money.

Since government pays this money for free and never expects a return from your end, they do not have interest in your credit history.

Different popular school education grants available include:

Education Grants

This grant is meant for considering proposals to initiate or pilot innovative activities in Geoscience education. Projects which involve present education-based research or new educational research having Geoscience education as venues, are considered the most appropriate for this solicitation. These school education grants intend to offer start-up and proof-of-concept funding for enabling a project to reach maturity level. Students from elementary, middle and secondary school can apply for this grant. The target of the grant is to improve the quality of geo-science studies at all levels of education. They also encourage in-service programs for professional development. Up to $200,000 of funding is available for a period of two years.

Grants from other Federal Agencies

Safe Start: Promising Approach to Children, who are exposed to violence

This education grant can help local communities in implementing collaborative cross-agency methods for effectively decreasing the impact that a child has when he/she is exposed to violence. Emphasis is mainly given to young children, below the age of 6 along with their families. Funding up to $210,000 is available for the applicants.

Rural Health Services Outreach Grants

These school education grants support projects that exhibit creative and effective models of service delivery within rural communities. An applicant can propose projects for addressing the healthcare requirements of a wide range in population groups, delivering different services to the rural communities. Around $3.5 million of funding is available to the applicant of this grant.

Community Connect Grants

These education grants provide financial aid to eligible applicants, who can provide broadband transmission services on a community-based connectivity basis. This will foster economic growth. Again, it will also deliver enhanced health care and educational services. This school education grant gives priority to rural areas, which are in the greatest of needs for broadband transmission services. Such grants give rural communities an opportunity of benefiting from advanced technologies necessary for achieving these goals. Slightly above $9 million of funding is available in this category as school education grants.

Apart from the educational grants mentioned above, you can also apply for AmeriCorps Education Grants. It seeks to broaden the national service program network. They look forward to see the applicants meet their educational, public safety and environmental requirements.

With over 490 Community Foundations (CF) and 5,000 Local Education Foundations (LEF) working together, more than 16,000 school districts have been blessed with these education grants. With the presence of these school education grants, there is no doubt that a bright future awaits the entire nation.